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Some people only believe whatever conspiracy theory their govt tells them!



	No faith-based 'investigation', such as the one being orchestrated
	by The 9/11 Commission, will ever arrive at the truths behind 9/11.
	(Note: there is much info which their July 22 final report omitted)

	IF YOU WANT to investigate what happened on 9/11, you'll
	probably have to re-train your brain to be able to think
	unpleasant thoughts by first challenging (and then discarding)
	approximately 8 cherished fundamental faith-based beliefs:
	   (note: not everyone is capable of doing so, but former
	   9/11 Commissioner Max Cleland did, and it resulted in
	   him being expeditiously promoted off the commission!)

	0. We already know what happened on 9/11, and who dunnit, and how
	1. Elements within/among US Govt would never intentionally harm US citizens
	2. We can blame it (all) on Muslim terrorist suicide hijackers w/boxcutters
	3. WTC collapses were caused by aircraft impacts and resulting fires
	4. Flight 93 was crashed by heroic passengers struggling to regain control
	5. Pentagon, WTC towers were hit by commercial airliners
	6. Only the "bad guys" had foreknowledge
	7. The New York Times truthfully prints "all the news that's fit to print"

	The above 8 statements are all wrong, or at least unestablished.
	(though we can argue later about the definition of "bad guys"!!)



1. Elements within/among U.S Govt would intentionally harm U.S. citizens:
  - Operation Northwoods Documents!
  - Operation Northwoods Documents!!
  - Operation Northwoods Documents!!!
  - Suppose you learned that many of the most high-ranking members of your own
    government were members of a death-worshipping secret cult, and that their
    claimed religious beliefs might not be as genuinely held as you'd thought?
  - How could our air defense system (NORAD, FAA, USAF, Air Natl Guard) have Stood Down? (0 for 4)
     - Payne Stewart's private jet posed no overt threat, was promptly intercepted:
       - real hijackers would have known about this, and not done what they supposedly did
         - therefore Flight 77's long round-trip path makes no sense...
    - NORAD's own press release reveals our fighters only flew at subsonic speeds (another analysis)
       - OTOH, seismic records contradict NORAD
         - U.S. Senator Mark Dayton says NORAD contradicts NORAD, too!
     - no one's been punished for the "failure" (Stand Down), but some have been promoted!
  - Bush says he saw plane hit 1st tower, on TV, long before any known video was first broadcast!
    - This is yet another contradictory data point simply omitted from the 9/11 Omission Report
    - When 1st plane hit, at 8:46, Bush was in our military-satellite-capable (SVTS) limousine...
  - Only elements within the U.S. government could:
    - get bin Ladens flown out of USA while Americans still prohibited from flying over USA!
    - get WTC steel crime scene evidence disposed of (by Controlled Demolition Inc [OK City, too])
    - get NTSB to not investigate any of the 4 (0 for 4) crash sites, contrary to U.S. law!
    - get govt to mysteriously release crudely forged CCTV frames of Pentagon crash
  - motive: increased "homeland" power and control, stifle dissent, total world domination
    - 9/11 did not 'hurt' "The Homeland", it created it! (Many were too mortified to notice this.)
    - The attack on one's own country is the "gold standard" of "false flag" attacks.
  - If govt is so clean and they've perfectly nailed the perfect bad guys, why is govt lying?
    - How could the twin towers have self-destructively collapsed at free-fall speeds?
    - seismic records say Flt 93 ended at 10:06, govt says 10:03; which do you believe?
    - Condoleeza Rice 5/02 stmt about how no one in govt could have ever imagined... is a lie!
      - 2 months earlier, at G8 summit, there was just such a threat against Bush
      - Not only did the Air Force know, feds were warning county sheriffs about it!
      - Viewers of Fox-TV saw it laid out in an episode of The Lone Gunman that aired March, 2001
      - On 9/11, that very scenario was part of the Tripod II Stand Down!
      - 2 weeks after the U.S. Senate failed to question Rice about the above, more
        than 6 months after the 9/11 Omission Report was released, we are somehow
        informed of yet another dimension to Dr. Rice's total lack of credibility.
    - why did Bush oppose 9/11 Commission, then propose Kissinger, then stonewall...?
  - If Bush has nothing to hide, why does the White House oppose disclosure?
    - If Dems actually oppose Reps, why did Condoleeza Rice sail through the Senate
      confirmation process with no mention made of her May, 2002 9/11-related statement
      that was more than ample evidence of her total lack of competence and credibility?
    - If Dems actually oppose Reps, why did Dems 'sacrifice' Cynthia McKinney (D-GA)?
      - Answer: Hillary's "vast right-wing conspiracy" has more than one wing.
        - John Kerry advisor Roger C. Altman has strong ties to The Blackstone Group
          - The Blackstone Group has strong ties to Enron and WTC7 (which are themselves related!)
            - You did not hear Kerry questioning Bush about his ties to Enron or 9/11

2. Can't blame it (all) on Muslim terrorist hijackers:
  - no amount of "hijackers" can account for the mysterious "flash frame" in the video
  - no proof hijackers existed
    - not on passenger manifests
    - no remains
    - some of the supposedly-successful suicide hijackers are still alive and well! (more)
      - Why does the TV news keep showing us the same 19 names and faces, then?
      - some of the "hijackers" had trained at secure U.S. military bases
    - why would suicide hijacker on tight schedule go out of his way to take a connecting flight?
    - why would suicide hijacker attack Washington from Washington by way of southern Ohio?
  - "hijackers" not needed!  These planes can fly themselves!!!
    - This is yet another unravelling point simply omitted from the 9/11 Omission Report
    - hijackers were not necessary - 757s & 767s fly/navigate by computer/GPS
      - if there were hijackers, they themselves were hijacked
      - if there is a system to remotely take control from hijackers, why wasn't it used?
        - or was it misused, to cause the hijackings?
  - "gravitational collapse" insufficient to account for massive energy release!!!!
    - This is yet another contradictory data point simply omitted from the 9/11 Omission Report
    - explosion(s) immediately preceded collapse(s) (video)
  - "gravitational collapse" insufficient to account for such a rapid collapse!!!
    - Each WTC tower had EXTENSIVE HEAVY basement damage upon impact (video interview)
      - There are plenty of other witnesses, most notably William Rodriguez
      - This is yet another contradictory data point simply omitted from the 9/11 Omission Report
 - HIJACKERS NEITHER NECESSARY NOR SUFFICIENT!!!!!!   So we're agnostic on hijackers, right?
  - 1st WTC tower wall EXploded OUTward, 2nd WTC tower wall IMploded INward; at least 1 is wrong
  - 1st WTC tower wall was hit by brief bright burst of energy ~26 msec prior to impact
    - There has never been any official analysis, enhancement or comment on this phenomenon.
    - Scrutiny of the 2nd impact videos from the mainstream media reveals
      a similar, though less obvious, burst of light. (DVD)
  - 2nd "767" had an impossible yet visible bulge in its belly (image another video DVD)
    - The 2nd-impact burst-of-light and that bulge line up perfectly. (DVD)
      - The bulge creates its own scuff mark as it enters the tower.
    - Boeing, for "national security reasons", could not comment on the bulge.
  - In summary, the official explanation for 9/11 is clear as mud,
    and leaves us with multiple unexplained and unexamined phenomena.

3. WTC collapses were not caused by aircraft impacts and resulting fires
  - 10X too much energy contained in dust cloud alone -- WHERE DID ALL THIS ENERGY COME FROM???
  - no known force/technology could have turned all the concrete to a fine powder
    - except, of course, a plasma!!
  - towers collapsed at near "free-fall" speeds
    - Towers must've been taken down from below.
      - 1st WTC tower had EXTENSIVE HEAVY basement damage upon impact (video interview)
      - Plenty of other surviving witnesses agree.
    - Therefore it was NOT a "gravitational collapse".
      - No wonder the roof wasn't found on top of all the rubble! (illustration/explanation)
  - Amazing revelations about Ground Zero are finally seeping out in March 2005
  - explosion(s) immediately (within 8 secs) preceded collapse(s)
    - explosives could have been planted during the preceding weekend's "power-down"
      - "on Thursday, bomb-sniffing dogs were abruptly removed"
    - explosives could have been planted during the towers' construction!
  - jet fuel is not particularly explosive nor energetic
    - a lot of "fuel" went up at once (too-huge fireball) outside WTC2 upon impact
  - fires burned for 90+ days despite constant dousing with water - a miracle!
    - the fires were hot enough to melt aluminum for the first 5 days or so!
    - molten steel was found more than a month after 9/11 !!!
  - individually-numbered steel beams and columns -- WTC crime scene evidence -- removed/destroyed!
    - low-budget futile search for evidence
  - no steel skyscraper had ever collapsed from fire; on 9/11 3(!!!) supposedly did
    - Larry Silverstein quoted now as having said that WTC7 was intentionally demolished
      - This is yet another contradictory data point simply omitted from the 9/11 Omission Report
	- again, if govt is so pure, why weren't we told this on Sept 11th?

4. Flight 93 was not crashed by brave passengers struggling to regain control
  - multi-mile debris field, caused by a missile fired by a "Happy Hooligan" (ANG wing out of ND)
  - best evidence indicates plane was shot down by air-to-air missile at 10:06 (more)
  - seismic records say Flt 93 ended at 10:06, govt says 10:03; which do you believe?
  - no NTSB investigation, contrary to U.S. law
  - at best, U.S. government does not believe it can trust its citizens with the truth
    - U.S. government derives its right to govern from the consent of the governed
      - but the governed cannot give their consent without truthful information

5. There is scant evidence that WTC towers, Pentagon were hit by commercial airliners
  - no airplane found at WTC1, WTC2, nor Pentagon (new video), an aviation first! (X 3)
  - no black box data or voice recordings have been found (& released)
  - no (0 for 4) 767 engines found at "ground zero", though one smaller engine was found!
  - turning off transponders facilitates the substitution of aircraft, not "hijackers"
  - Pentagon CCTV video frame images forged; still fail to show 757-sized craft! (CNN)
    - This is yet another contradictory data point simply omitted from the 9/11 Omission Report
    - again: why is the government lying; why is the lying govt not suspect?
  - Rumsfeld himself referred to missile damage to the Pentagon (alt. link)
    - So has 9-11 Commissioner Jamie S. Gorelick, 11.5 min into this video (MP3)
  - Single exit hole punched in Pentagon's C-ring -- how could a 757 have done that? (DVD)
  - how could 757 have hit Pentagon as low as it did w/o making divots in magic PentaLawn?
    - Jet engine parts found in the wreckage do not appear to be from a Boeing 757
  - 1st WTC tower wall exploded outward, 2nd WTC tower wall imploded inward; at least 1 is bogus
  - 2nd WTC tower wall (also) lit up by something immediately prior to explosion
  - 2nd "767" had an impossible bulge in its belly (image another video DVD)
    - ...or was that a flying bulge with a hologram of an airplane on its back?
      - What is a hologram?
      - Intelligence analysis of Australian Air Force holography document:
        - Does anyone believe that the Aussies can do this and that the USAF cannot?
        - So if 'everybody' knows that the USAF can do this, from whom is the USAF
          keeping this capability secret?
        - "unsophisticated adversary" is mil-speak for "civilians"
        - So the USAF kept hologram technology secret from the only people
          against whom it is the ultimate "Mission Impossible" psy-op weapon
  - no NTSB crash site investigations, another (0 for 4) modern-day aviation first!
  - zero government resources have been allocated to clarifying the low-res 1st WTC hit
    - far more govt resources went into WhiteWater WitchHunt than into 9/11 'investigation'!

6. Lots of people had foreknowledge of (and/or wanted!) 9/11 attacks:
  - Bush says he saw plane hit 1st tower on TV, long before any known video was first broadcast!
  - Govt bragged that the "put options" would lead to the guilty, then grew silent...!!!!
    - Buzzy Krongard, CIA Executive Director, --> Deutsche Bank, , --> memory hole (with John Doe #2!)
    - govt admits that PROMIS was up & running, so the unusual trades had to have been spotted...
  - multiple other nations' governments have said they had warned U.S intelligence agencies
  - All 4 flights were incredibly unusually lightly loaded that day
  - Willie Brown was given advance warning not to fly, some Pentagoons cancelled flights on 9/10
  - Jeb Bush pre-enabled Florida state-wide martial law via executive order 4 days prior to 9/11
  - More revelations and accusations are floating around out there... (more info here) (more!)
  - PNAC and others had been seeking a "21st Century Pearl Harbor"
  - PATRIOT Act obviously written prior to 9/11 (and then passed w/o Congress having read it!)
  - how come Bush & Cheney went on Cipro that evening, weeks before anthrax attacks began?
    - if it had been Iraqi anthrax, we'd have killed Saddam; since it was U.S. anthrax......!?

7. The New York Times (and the rest of the media) fails us on some important issues:
  - When proof emerged in 2003 of the connections between the Bush family and Hitler's
    rise to power and the massive financing of the Nazi war machine during the war, the
    media used its most powerful propaganda tool -- silence -- to quash the story.
  - When the company of George W. Bush's grandfather (also Skull & Bones) was shut down
    by Congress in '42 for illegally trading with the enemy during WW II, all The Times
    said about it in a very belated, brief story buried on page 25 of the Dec 16, 1944
    edition was that the business had "received authority to change its principal place
    of business to 120 Broadway."  The story neglected to mention that the company had
    been seized by the government, or that the new address was the office of the Alien
    Property Custodian in charge of the warehouse holding the seized assets. source
    - How could a treasonous Nazi banker go on to become a Republican Senator from CT unless
      his Democrat "opponents" had kept his dirty not-so-little secret from We The People????
      - The Democrat-Republican paradigm is false, and has been for longer than most of us
        have been alive!  Dem-Rep is 2 sides of the same coin; 2 heads of the same monster.
        Their "opposition" is a staged distraction.  (Think professional wrestling.)
  - When GW Bush was caught cheating in 2004 debate, the NY Times quashed the story (more)
  - When GW Bush admitted, during a press conference, that it was scripted, the NY Times
    reported the opposite, that Bush had said it was unscripted! source
  - Who noticed when a revealing, embarrassing GovernmentMedia flub went unreported?
  - It's known as "perception management" or "domestic diplomacy", but it's media control
    - (Please don't expect, or wait for, any corporate media to tell you about it.)
    - When will the media stop sitting on the story about the fake Niger uranium documents?
    - When will the media stop sitting on the story about the fake 'Osama' "confession" video?
  - When proof materialized of how Republicans stole the 2000 presidential election in advance,
    by having tens of thousands of mostly black voters illegally removed from the Florida
    voter rolls, the story emerged, just not in the United States, where a simple denial
    by Katherine Harris' office kept it from being broadcast by CBS. (update)
  - Ditto the story about illegal U.S. spying on U.N. members leading up to Iraq War II.
  - Ditto the story about the BBC documentary: The Making Of The Terror Myth. (watch it!)
  - Ditto the Zogby poll about what New Yorkers believe about government handling of 9/11.
  - Ditto the story about this 9/11-related racketeering suit against Defendant Bush.
  - Ditto the story about another 9/11-related racketeering suit against Defendant Bush.
  - Ditto the story about this other 9/11-related lawsuit suit against Defendant Bush.
  - Ditto the 9/11 Commission Report's many omissions:
    - The Pentagon video frames
    - Bush's self-implicating statement
    - Sibel Edmonds' testimony
    - Explosions?!  What "explosions"?
    - Severe WTC basement damage upon plane impact
    - The untold story of the intentional controlled WTC building 7 demolition
    - Plus other untold stories behind The untold story:
      - Lee Hamilton, a so-called Democrat, was once again a member of the all-too-loyal 'opposition'
        - "October Surprise", "Iran-Contra", BCCI, now this 9/11 Omission Report
      - John D. Podesta, a so-called Democrat, runs the Center for American Progress
        - The CAP published many articles about how bogus the 9-11 Commission was
          - The day its 567-page report came out, John Podesta was among its biggest supporters!
            - turns out John Podesta is in league with Republican 9-11 Commission Chairman Tom Kean
              in an effort to make "homeland security" seem palatable as it's rammed down our throats

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