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On 9/11/03, Diane Sawyer repeatedly spoke as if the whole world is certain regarding what hit the towers 2 years earlier (feel free to mute this clip's audio!), but this video once again demonstrated to the world that the 2nd WTC "plane" had an anomalous bulge (with its own shadow) protruding from the right side of its belly. (Diane doesn't refer to that.)

After this single airing, this video was never broadcast again.

Independent analysis indicates that there is something wrong with the appearance of that aircraft, whatever it was. Boeing has always refused to comment, citing supposed "security" concerns...

The 911truth squad ignores this blatant visual anomaly plus, on behalf of the lying government that they claim to oppose or at least question, they've always ignored or else denounced honest 9/11 skeptics who refer to it!

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