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The 'Final' 9/11 Commission Report, released 7/22, is not complete. What about the Pentagon video frames (CNN)?

The commission's "Team 8" looked into them, yet they were omitted from the 'complete' final report!!!

What's wrong
with this!!!

BTW, have you ever seen the unbelievably bogus forged Niger uranium documents? (ABC NBC)

Why has this video evidence, which aired publicly on 9/11, been suppressed and ignored?
WTC1 Explosions + WTC2 Fireball

At 9:03, an NBC TV video camera was zoomed in on WTC 1 (the North tower) from the NorthEast, showing smoke coming from the two most damaged faces, from the assault 17 minutes earlier.

this video is half-sized, click here for full-sized version

Suddenly, about 6.5 seconds into this clip, towards the left of the frame, by the SE corner, a row of windows are simultaneously pierced by violent puffs of dark smoke. But at the same instant, evidence of explosion(s?) can be seen towards the right of the frame, by the NW corner of the tower, more than 250 feet away.

Right away, the tower's east face is illuminated by the oversized (cached) South Tower (WTC 2) fireball.

So that's at least 2 "coincidences" within 1 second of each other.

In the instant after that, the row of 3 puffs of dark smoke re-emerge (even though the surrounding 2 columns of escaping dark smoke, which had previously been seen above the puffs, still have not).

Then the video feed goes blank for 4 seconds, and then an unidentified man (if you know who he is, please tell us) appears on-screen before the original interview video is restored. 9/11, it seems, was full of anomalies...

The soundtrack then corroborates the fact that the 'collapses' were subsequent to explosions in the form of the reporter's question to Port Authority Inspector Gene Ceccarelli ("crashes, then the explosions, and then the 'collapses'"), to which the Inspector breathes deeply but does not dissent.

The above QuickTime video was recorded off-the-air from NBC TV station KOAA early afternoon (MDT) on 9/11.

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*LIVE* NBC TV broadcast (YouTube)

*LIVE* MSNBC cable/sat feed (YouTube)

*LIVE* NBC TV broadcast (YouTube)

d/l hi-res QT, different view (2.7M)

So, on 9/11, including live as the WTC2 fireball erupted, NBC broadcast and cable television networks provided the entire nation with zoomed-in video which shows that something other than airliners -- say, multiple simultaneous explosions -- could have been responsible for making the nearly-airliner-shaped hole in the WTC1 tower wall. Does this indicate that the towers contained some kind of synchronized network of explosives, which detonated upon 'impact' (with the other tower!)? (If we never ask the right questions, how will We ever get the right answers?) This video, and the one below, is yet more evidence that, by having failed to even include the word "explosions", the 9-11 Commission Report did not tell us the full true story of 9/11. (analysis of the 9-11 Commission Report)

this video is half-sized, click here for full-sized version

Do you still believe that only airliners could have made the holes in the tower walls? MP3 MP3