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The 'Final' 9/11 Commission Report, released 7/22, is not complete. What about the Pentagon video frames (CNN)?

The commission's "Team 8" looked into them, yet they were omitted from the 'complete' final report!!!

What's wrong
with this!!!

BTW, have you ever seen the unbelievably bogus forged Niger uranium documents? (ABC NBC)
Ed Asner's Message to the 9/11 Inquiry

In this taped statement to the International 9-11 Citizens Inquiry in Toronto in May 2004, Ed Asner keeps it pretty simple, calling for accountability of the government by its citizens, and for unity among those seeking 9/11 truth and justice.

This is a 4 minute Quick Time video.

Ed Asner - Unity Is The Key (3.3M QT .MOV)

Watch this space for more videos, including more from the 2nd inquiry, May 25-30 2004 in Toronto.