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The 'Final' 9/11 Commission Report, released 7/22, is not complete. What about the Pentagon video frames (CNN)?

The commission's "Team 8" looked into them, yet they were omitted from the 'complete' final report!!!

What's wrong
with this!!!

BTW, have you ever seen the unbelievably bogus forged Niger uranium documents? (ABC NBC)

BTW2, have you ever seen the unbelievably bogus forged Niger uranium documents? (ABC NBC)

For whatever reason, not enough people are paying close enough attention to the opening salvo of 9/11.

The first WTC impact was very strange-looking! What was that premature bright flash, immediately prior to (or upon) impact with the tower wall?

the 1st WTC impact (magnified) (259K QuickTime6)

This video was shot by Jules Naudet. It spent the day in his camera with him at Ground Zero. It was first broadcast by Univision after midnight (EDT) on 9/12, which is when this VHS recording was made. So how did George Bush see this happen, on TV, 15+ hours earlier (as he has repeatedly stated), hmmmm? (download) (download2) (download3)

original 9/11 VHS recording (ogg)
original 9/11 VHS recording (mp4)
original 9/11 VHS recording (webm)

This video shows that widely-separated explosions were occurring simultaneously in the North Tower just as the South Tower fireball erupted at 9:03. Among other issues raised by this video, it calls into question the validity of the presumption that only airliners could have made the nearly-airliner-shaped holes in the walls of the towers.

This video contains
yet more evidence
of explosions

WTC1 explosions (ogg)
WTC1 explosions (mp4)
WTC1 explosions (webm)

    FWIW, the word "explosions" does not appear anywhere in the searchable 567 page Official 9/11 Commission Final Report. Do you think maybe those rascally Commissioners never saw this video, or what?

In the USA, this 9/11 video was broadcast once and only once. Fortunately, we here in the main hangar had our VCR running at the time...

the 2nd WTC aircraft (Pavel Hlava) (277K QuickTime6)

This video was shot by Pavel Hlava. It surfaced in 2003, and was broadcast September 11th, 2003 on ABC's Good Morning America TV show, never to be aired again! The New York Times also published some images from this video. (download video) Please visit this video's individual page for more info + complete video.

The only 'proof' we have that Osama bin Laden plotted the 9/11 attack on the WTC is a video tape supposedly found in Afghanistan. However, the man in the video playing the role of Osama doesn't look like any other image of Osama we've ever been shown!

The 1st WTC "Collapse"

This video permits you to see for yourself that the South Tower "collapsed" [sic] in around 10 seconds, close to the same time as it takes to fall that far through just air! (The government long ago signed off on this figure, near the bottom of page 305 of the 9-11 Commission Report, so please don't let anyone -- especially the fake skeptics of the false-flag 911truth [sic] 'movement' -- ever tell you that there is any meaningful question about the claims contained the government's bogus official conspiracy theory.)

Watch as the "collapse" keeps pace with the falling debris, proving that the supposedly-intact lower floors suddenly, at the instant of the "collapse", offered no more support than air resistance. Since gravity is not strong enough to accelerate any object so destructively through a path of such great resistance in as little time as if nothing but air was in the way, this shows that it is wrong to blame the so-called collapses on anything that happened up above.

Sometimes first impressions are best. On 9/11, here's how Dan Rather called this one, after he recognized the willful explosive demolition of the WTC twin towers: "It looks like one of those scenes of an old building being, you know, purposely dynamited and blown up."

Watch QT video now

Download QuickTime video movie
Download Real video movie

One of the peculiarities of 9/11 is "The Spire". When WTC1 first "collapsed", a portion of the skyscraper's core remained standing. This portion of the core stood naked for about 15 seconds, at roughly 2/3 the tower's height. In other words, this skinny steel spire briefly stood more than 600 feet tall!

The WTC1 Spire

The Spire (magnified) (1.4M QuickTime6)

In some close-up shots, where the tip of the spire simply disappears from the frame, it can appear as if the solid steel simply went poof. However, in this view of the WTC1 "collapse", it appears that the spire fell (or at least started to!) as one solid mass.

This clip also has a good view of the incredible pyroclastic debris flow.

The full video's audio track is also interesting.

(download) (download2)

A TV reporter, on-camera, asks why he's being removed from the area. He's told that the tower is about to collapse [sic]. Seconds later, still on-camera, the top-down annihilation commences...!

The end of the video provides a view of "the spire" and the spectacular debris flow.

WTC1 "collapse" warning video

Video from the Naudet DVD, FDNY firemen back at the firehouse, talking about the sequential explosive nature of the "collapse" they'd survived.

FDNY men back at the firehouse
(615K QuickTime6 Movie)
(download video)

For whatever reason, some folks are still arguing over whether or not explosions preceded the "collapses" of the twin towers, even though we knew it on 9/11!

FDNY guy says collapseS [sic]
were subsequent to explosionS

(321K QuickTime)

This video was recorded on 9/11/01. In it, a man in FDNY uniform clearly states: "...trying to get some of the people out, then they saw secondary explosions and then the subsequent collapses [sic]. So I don't know how many people were in there; I know there's were a lot of firefighters and a lot of public safety personnel were in there." (download video) (download MP3)

    FWIW, the word "explosions" does not appear anywhere in the searchable 567 page Official 9/11 Commission Final Report. Do you think maybe those rascally Commissioners never saw this video, or what?

Joyce Lynn - The 9/11 Cover-Up Commission

Journalist Joyce Lynn exposes the sham that is the 9/11 Commission.

Part One (12 min):
Joyce Lynn @ 2nd Inquiry
(8.9M QuickTime Movie)
(download video)

If you can spare 15 minutes to understand just a few of the physical impossibilities of what supposedly happened on 9/11 in NYC, you could do a lot worse than watching Eric Hufschmid's Painful Questions / Painful Deceptions, though Eric promotes the core "planes" and "hijackers" lie.

click here for
more video

Painful Questions / Painful Deceptions (6.4M QT .MOV)

Watch it now!

There is a plane-hugging 911 truth alliance song by David Rovics. (We still like the title concept of the song, but parts of it powerfully insinuate that we can take the government's word for what 9/11 was, and who caused "it".) Here is the video. It is called

(Was 9/11 Bush's) Reichstag Fire (7.9M QT .MOV)

We also have the MP3 of this disinformative song!

In this taped statement to the International 9-11 Citizens Inquiry in Toronto in May 2004, Ed Asner keeps it pretty simple, calling for accountability of the government by its citizens, and for unity among those seeking 9/11 truth and justice.

This is a 4 minute Quick Time video.

Ed Asner - Unity Is The Key (3.3M QT .MOV)